What characterizes our shea butter? ­ A brief introduction:

Our Shea Butter is a 100% natural product derived by squezing nuts from the Sheanut

tree, Vitellaria paradoxa, Nilotica Nilotica. The tree grows wild in Northern parts of

Uganda. Locals have used Shea for food and cosmetics for thousands of years and they

still apply their traditional methods to their production of this Shea Butter.

The area where the shea butter is produced is one of Uganda’s least developed and

poorest areas. Making shea butter is one of the few opportunities to make an income in

the area.

From natural to finished specialty ­ processing into Shea Butter

“The Sustainable Bean” visited the group of women who is processing our Shea Butter,

and was shown the entire process of making shea butter from nut to butter.

Shea nuts are carefully collected when riped and have fallen from the huge wild trees.

These wild­growing trees is from tradition own by the community and everybody has the

right to collect Shea nuts. Nuts are collected and delivered to the Shea processing plant.

The plant is an open space between two huses where a taupolin is spread out on the

ground and a simple handoperated oil mill is locted on the ground next to the taupolin.

Small sacks made from cotton is filling the space on the taupolin. The sacks are filled with

whole Shea nuts which are being crushed by slamming a hammer onto the sacks.

The crushed nuts are then milled by squezing the entire sack and collect the shell free oil.

At last the oil is mixed with water and heated as to remove impurities remaining from the


To much amusement to the processing staff Trine from “The Sustainable Bean” helped

milling the oil from the shea nuts.

Ugandisk Shea Butter