Project LEAF

We give the nature and the people a helping hand ­ Coffee Project LEAF

An important part of improving the living conditions of both nature and the people in our

local communities is to consider the needs of both. We want not only to philosophize

about this idea, but also to act upon it.

Therefore, “Sustainable Beans” partners in the coffee project LEAF Launching Ecological

The project helps farmers in the area around the unique Bwindi Forest National Park, to

plant agroforestry and have their production organic certified.

Through the organization NOgaMU (National Organic Movement of Uganda, and in

collaboration with UCDA, Uganda Coffee Development Authority. The project have

coached, trained and is to certify a total of 230 farmers on how to grow, harvest, and

handle nature friendly and organic quality coffee.

The role of Sustainable Beans in the project is to import and sell coffee from the project in

Denmark. The direct import enables us to higher the profit to farmers in the project and

still sell it for a reasonable price. This project therefore enables you as a coffee lover the

opportunity to experience how organic quality coffee can taste and as a side effect secure

nature and farmers in Southwest Uganda a sustainable future!

LEAF project needs more financial resources for, to help our farmers to cope with the

start­up costs forestry. Also support to construct a processing and drying plant for coffee

berries from the project. In addition, the beautiful but rugged terrain makes it hard to get

to and from the plantations, and raising funds to construct a track that will make it less

difficult to carry harvest from the area, is also planned.

Do you want to support the project LEAF?

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